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Never believe that space will save us alone

Never believe that space will save us alone
Of course cold it is and not in itself enough
Nor is such sought peer of sufficiency
As could warm fit to constitute a dismatter’d maker

Never believe in the simplest fascinaters
Of course cairn’d they can be but cannot be marked
Out on the other plane of Nature’s tongue
Nor ever tuck’d behind her smilin teeth

The lea shadows know it. Never believe a general rule
As the way one machine plugg’d fast to another
As lack’d as they’d been could keep but fly wailin
In unkempt careen through halls of repast

No more truck in such dip-faith. Did you know this way
Keeps on to the Never-Never? By way of old képis
Combien sont tombés au hasard d’un clair matin
How many knows how many’ve fellen on a clear moggin

Never believe that space could save us alone
Of course felled it is too, fall’d and called
In lilt of our caldera. How many days have stood
Sole at hope for a word to crown the clear mornin

and how can we help but cling?